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dental credentialing services

By: Sarah Traeger
November 19th, 2021

You’re starting a practice or adding a dentist to the team, and you want to attract patients through the patients’ insurance carrier network. To do this, you need a contract with the insurance company as an approved provider, a process known as provider credentialing. 

Blog Feature

Dental Billing | dental credentialing | credentialing | dental credentialing services

By: Dental ClaimSupport
December 8th, 2020

So, you finished dental school, joined or bought a practice and you’re sitting there saying to yourself, “what’s next?” The majority of dentists at some point in their career, have questions about how they should continue to grow. You find yourself struggling with the delicate balance of not wanting to have the reputation of being the most expensive, but also want to be fairly compensated for your quality work. The bigger question that follows this conscious train of thought is”   “Who should I be credentialed with? All insurance companies? Some of them? None of them?”