Dental Insurance Aging Reports

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The Dental Insurance Aging Report

Understand what insurance aging means, and how to resolve issues efficiently so you can collect more payments promptly.

This course covers 5 main concepts.

You'll learn:

  1. What an insurance aging report is so you truly know what it tells you
  2. Why claims show up on an aging report, so you can prevent them
  3. How to locate and run a report, so you can work it
  4. How to work the report efficiently, so you can bring more money into your dental practice
  5. How to document your findings, so you set your practice up for success in the future

By the end of this training you will know:

  • What the date ranges on your aging report mean 

  • The numbers that tell you if your billing process is performing well or poorly

  • The 4 basic reasons why claims get on the aging report and how to work through them efficiently

Earn one (1) CE Credit

Josh Smith

Josh is a leading authority in dental practice business administration. He developed an insurance billing process that increases collections and allows more focus on patient care and productivity. 

He and two partners established Dental ClaimSupport, providing insurance claim services and education. Josh is also the author of the book, The Ultimate Guide to Dental Billing & Reporting, to help dental practices thrive with an accurate, profitable claims process.

Dental Claims Academy

This course is part of a training center for in-house dental insurance claims experts. Get access to all resources -- efficient coding and billing process training, a mastermind group, a discussion forum, and more -- as a member of Dental Claims Academy.

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