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You can expect to see profits go up by 3-4% while you save 40 hours every week! Our expert team increases your insurance collections while you focus on transforming smiles.

You’ll receive daily support for:

  • Posting all insurance checks and EFTs
  • Working and analyzing insurance aging reports
  • Taking proper adjustments
  • Secondary electronic attachments
  • Correcting missing patient information
  • Deposit detail match and reconciliations
  • Appealing denied claims
  • Setting up EFTs

You’ll stay informed with daily communication with your dedicated team member. Monthly contracts and a 30-day cancellation policy give you maximum flexibllity and control.

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Dental ClaimSupport is your trustworthy dental billing partner

Add-on services so you're fully equipped to lead your practice

In most all cases, the cost of service is offset by the amount of revenue recovered for your practice. Learn more about our pricing.

We can support your growing practice with these add-on services:

  • Fee schedule entering
  • Insurance-based consulting
  • Credentialing
  • Sleep apnea claim submission
  • Oral surgery claim submission
  • Team training
  • EFT Setup

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