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Why we started DCS

Our three co-founders got their start serving the dental industry, where they all noticed the same thing:

Dentists were losing millions of dollars to insurance companies.

So in 2012, they joined forces to form Dental Claim Support. At DCS, we help dentists deliver excellent dental experiences — with cash flow they can count on.

Our work is guided by our five team values:

Customer success. Transparency. Reliability. Professional Excellence. Alignment.

Our company is based in Savannah, Georgia.

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We help private practices and emerging groups collect millions more in revenue. Learn more about our comprehensive RCM services.


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We help private practices, emerging groups, and DSOs collect millions more in revenue

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DCS Achievement Awards

3-time winner, Inc 5000. 4-time winner University of Georgia Bulldog 100. And 100+ 5-star Google reviews from happy customers!

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