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What makes Dental ClaimSupport unique?

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What is Dental ClaimSupport?

Many dental teams lose money from billing systems that drain their time and resources. With Dental ClaimSupport’s award-winning services, dental practices collect the most revenue at the lowest cost.

When you join our knowledgeable dental billing experts, you help dental teams deliver the best patient experience — with cash flow they can count on.

We are currently expanding our services and adding experts to our team. 

As a team member, you'll become a trustworthy dental billing partner. You'll build strong relationships within our remote work environment.

You'll help dental team members sleep soundly at night because their entire billing process is taken care of.


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Our Values...

  • We provide exceptional service to busy dental teams
  • We respect each other as individuals and bring humanity to remote work
  • We support a healthy work-life balance that values you and your family
  • We empower you to work independently, with tools and resources to further your knowledge 

We're searching for team members who are...

  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, and well organized 
  • Team players who welcome training, support, and collaboration
  • Technically savvy, maintaining proficient computer skills
  • Inspired by professional and personal growth opportunities 
  • Friendly, professional, clear communicators with good grammar
  • Goal oriented, driven and ready to make a difference in a fast-growing company

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How to join us

Dental billing team member at Denal ClaimSupport


  1. Choose a position on our job board and complete the application. 
  2. Applications are vetted for appropriate skill sets and knowledge.
  3. Selected applicants will be invited to receive an initial pre-screening call, skills assessments, and testing for industry knowledge. 
  4. After pre-screening, selected applicants will be invited to interview. 
  5. New team members go through a comprehensive training process to ensure success in their new role. The process may include self assessments, 1-on-1 training sessions, and self-study through continuing education content. 


Upon applying, when will I hear back from the hiring team?

As an independent contractor, do I need to apply for an EIN? I am eager to get started.

How does compensation work?

Can I truly work independently?

Are there specific hours for working as an independent contractor?

Will there be training provided?

DCS is an award-winning, trusted dental billing company

Testimonials from our team members

“DCS has become family for me! I love working with the company for many reasons. The best is being home, I commuted for over 20 years and not driving anymore has been amazing. The next best part of the job is being a second hand for amazing offices and using my knowledge in helping them with all of their insurance needs, allowing them to have more time to take care of patients.” 

Amy Reeves, Remote Team Member | Dental ClaimSupport

Applying with DCS was the best decision I made for my career. The company and people that work for DCS go above and beyond for both employees and clients. It gives me such peace of mind to enjoy what I do every day working for a company like DCS.” 

Brenna Larson, Remote Team Member | Dental ClaimSupport