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Capture more patient payments automatically

Higher revenue, lower costs, smoother process


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Patient Billing manager at Dental ClaimSupport

Collect more with stress-free patient billing

Payment problems cost time, money and erode goodwill:

  • Sending statements from your PMS takes so long, patients are surprised
  • Manually generating statements costs time, stamps, paper and printer ink, on top of the per-payment fee
  • Following up on unpaid balances costs you more time and money
  • When patients can't pay easily, you have to write off unpaid balances and you lose revenue

DCS Patient Billing collects more money and saves time


Patient Billing manager at Dental ClaimSupport

Boost your collection rate    Save time and money 

Personalize your patient experience

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Watch your bank deposits grow

Save time and money as your collections increase automatically.


Get our customized service to:

  • Issue statements as soon as balance is known (no manual processing)
  • Give patients easy payment options without setup (credit cards, eCheck,  ApplePay and other apps)
  • Send claims faster for less, with email and text messages
  • Follow up automatically with friendly reminders
  • Take payment from all major credit cards and wallet apps, from any device
  • Minimize the time and cost of paper statements
  • Easily track payments made by phone
  • Monitor direct deposits and outstanding balances instantly


We've helped dental practices like yours collect millions more in revenue

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