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Expand your reach with hands-off dental credentialing services

Want to become an “in-network” provider with a popular insurance carrier? Need to add a new doctor — or a new location?

Get experienced  credentialing services with experts who get and keep you credentialed so you can serve more patients with your transformative work.

  • Become an in-network provider so you get consistent referrals from popular insurance networks

  • Add a new location — our dental credentialing services take care of all the tedious paperwork so you can get paid for everything you do

  • Credential incoming associate doctors at your practice — our hands-off dental credentialing services take care of getting doctors verified and getting them re-credentialed as needed

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Dental Credentialing Services

Need help with credentialing or re-credentialing? Our friendly team of experts is standing by to assist you.


“When cash flow is critical to the success of your practice — you can't put a price on that kind of service.”

“My husband and I acquired two dental practices that were on the verge of collapse due to years of neglect …

My first order of business was to establish Dr. Keys as an in-network provider with a handful of insurance carriers. I quickly found Dental ClaimSupport ... it was the best decision we have made to date.

A process that has taken little more than 90 days would have otherwise taken six or nine months ... Not to mention it was painless and affordable.
When cash flow is critical to the success of your practice — you can't put a price on that kind of service.

I would highly recommend Shannon and DCS ... You will not be disappointed.”

Jennifer Santoro, aka “Jay" | Business Manager
Colorado Dental Co

Eliminate frustration with insurance companies

Our friendly credentialing experts fully manage the credentialing process for you! We work with provider relations departments so you can focus on patient care.

Credentialing should take place prior to the doctor’s start date. Any patients seen prior to the doctor’s effective date will be considered “out of network.”

The credentialing timeline takes 30-120 days, depending on the insurance company.

A La Carte Credentialing: $150/each

Single Provider: $300 per insurance provider

Multiple Providers: $250 per insurance provider

Multiple Locations: $225 per insurance provider


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does credentialing take?

Is credentialing a one-time thing or do I need to keep getting credentialed?

When will I know I am credentialed with a certain insurance company?

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