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DCS vs DentalRCM: Let's compare two top RCM companies [4 of 10]

September 7th, 2023 | 7 min. read

DCS vs DentalRCM: Let's compare two top RCM companies [4 of 10] Blog Feature

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You’ve embarked on a journey into the realm of revenue cycle management (RCM) companies — a realm committed to conquering your revenue hurdles while liberating your team to seamlessly orchestrate your practice and foster meaningful patient relationships. 

If you're eager to compare dental RCM companies and uncover the perfect fit for your practice, then you’re in the right place. 

Welcome to our series comparing top dental RCM companies to our own services at DCS. These comparisons are meant to give you an easy-to-understand comparison that provides a clearer picture of which RCM company will be right for your dental business.

All the information in this article is directly from the dental RCM companies’ websites.

This article will compare DCS with DentalRCM: Two top performing dental RCM service providers. 

Discover each unique RCM company profile

Each dental RCM company has unique characteristics. How do they compare?

We’ve simplified the comparison between DCS and DentalRCM for you. We’re comparing what we believe are the most valuable characteristics of each RCM company: 

  • Years in business
  • Location of the main office
  • Company founders (dentists, office managers, etc.)
  • What kind of customers they serve
  • Which services are offered
  • Pricing structure
  • Google reviews by clients and customers
  • Glassdoor reviews by employees and staff

The combination of these factors will give you a good idea of:

  • How established a dental RCM company is
  • Who is running the company
  • How it’s being run
  • How they support dental businesses, and
  • The quality of their services

Let’s dig into these two reputable RCM companies.

Explore DCS as a revenue cycle management provider

Dental Claim Support (DCS) was founded by former dental office managers who saw a common problem across offices: Collecting from insurance companies feels impossible. 

Thus, they formed DCS as a dental billing solution, then evolved into a full-service revenue cycle management provider.

Year founded


Main office location

Savannah, Georgia

Customer base:

  • Dental practices
  • Dental start-ups
  • Groups or emerging DSOs

Services offered:

Provider credentialing 

  • Adds in-network providers, so you get consistent referrals from popular insurance networks
  • Expands locations — our dental credentialing services take care of all the tedious paperwork
  • Credentials incoming doctors — our hands-off dental credentialing services get doctors credentialed and re-credentialed as needed

Insurance verification

  • Updates your patient record 3 business days before the patient’s appointment
  • Provides a detailed breakdown for every patient on your schedule
  • Works with most PMS systems, including Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, and Curve

Insurance claims management

  • Posts all insurance checks and electronic funds transfers (EFTs) 
  • Maintains and analyzes accounts receivable (AR) — insurance aging reports
  • Takes care of proper adjustments, secondary electronic attachments, missing patient information, deposit detail match/reconciliations, and appealing denied claims

Patient billing

  • Issues statements and friendly reminders automatically
  • Provides easy online payment options
  • Monitors direct deposits and outstanding balances instantly and automatically

Oral surgery billing

  • Collects reimbursement from all available medical and dental benefits
  • Confirms that appropriate codes are selected from current code sets
  • Ensures all supporting documents are attached for successful claims

Revenue cycle receivables

  • DCS does not offer reporting and analytics as an individual service because they are already rolled into our claims management services.

Get a fuller picture of DCS services 

Pricing structure

DCS pricing is based on the services you choose to bundle for your dental business. The more RCM services you use, the less you pay for each service. Our tiered pricing is explained on our website.

Google reviews

4.9 of 5 on Google Reviews.

Glassdoor reviews

4.7 of 5 on Glassdoor.

Dive deeper into how you’ll work with DCS by reading our RCM Checklist

Examine DentalRCM as your revenue cycle management solution

The DentalRCM website does not specify who founded the company. Their team, however, is made up of certified billers, coders, and service specialists.

Year founded


Main office location

Lincoln City, Oregon

Customer base:

  • Dental practices

Services offered:

Provider credentialing

  • All state Medicaid credentialing
  • All state Medicare credentialing
  • PPO credentialing
  • HMO and federal plan credentialing
  • Fee schedule negotiation
  • Follow up on the status of every outstanding credentialing contract

Insurance verification (IV)

  • Delivery 24 hours prior to treatment
  • Special arrangement for rushed IV
  • Weekly and monthly IV report
  • 100% accuracy and refund in case of any lapse
  • Live IV dashboard with real-time appointment status
  • Patient’s correct remaining maximums and deductibles

Insurance claims management

  • Billing within 24 hours
  • Claim confirmation within 48 hours
  • AR follow-up within 15 days of billing
  • Appeal management
  • Adjustment recovery and reports
  • Past AR clean-up of unresolved claims

Patient billing

  • Patients’ accounts analysis before sending statements
  • On-call statements explanation to patients
  • Patient statements and collection reports
  • Patient collection services for bad debt
  • Appeal before sending statements if due or denied by the insurer

Oral surgery billing

  • No oral surgery services offered

Pricing structure

DentalRCM does not list prices on their website. Contact a sales representative to learn more about their pricing.

Google reviews

5 of 5 on Google Reviews.

Glassdoor reviews

2 of 5 on Glassdoor.

Forge ahead to success: Choose the right RCM company for your dental business

To recap, we’ve compared the following factors of DCS and DentalRCM: 

  • Years in business
  • Location of the main office
  • Company founders (dentists, office managers, etc.)
  • What kind of customers they serve
  • Which services are offered
  • Pricing structure
  • Google reviews by clients and customers
  • Glassdoor reviews by employees and staff

DCS and Dental RCM offer similar services, with DCS offering oral surgery billing as an additional service. We weren’t able to glean very much about DentalRCM’s founding and background other than, similar to DCS, it employs individuals who have extensive dental and dental insurance experience.

DentalRCM has a customer rating of 5 of 5 stars and an employee rating of 2 of 5 stars, while DCS has a similar customer rating of 4.9 of 5 stars, with a much higher employee rating of 4.7 stars. We also noticed that as of September 7, 2023, DentalRCM’s 5-star rating is based on only 2 customer reviews, while DCS has over 130 customer reviews.

These comparison factors will give you an idea of what you can expect from the services of an RCM company, and also their customer experience, which is key. You’ll learn more when you get in touch with a sales representative. 

When you talk with sales representatives at either company, consider the following questions to inform your final decision: 

  • Was the company’s sales representative easy to get in touch with?
  • How did the conversation with the sales representative go?
    • Were they pushy?
    • Did they ask you any questions about your dental business?
    • Are they transparent about pricing?
  • What does the company’s RCM process look like?
  • Did you understand what the role of your in-house team would be? 
  • Will you continue to communicate with a real person if you work with this RCM company?

Your chat with the sales representative will test your gut reaction to which RCM company you should choose — trust it! If the experience is anything less than positive, that company is probably not the right match for you. 

You need an RCM company whose customers trust them, like ours at DCS:

“I’ve had a really good experience with DCS. They have taken care of my outstanding claims in an organized and efficient manner. They’re really good with communication too! Highly recommend them!”

— Praneetha Vallamreddy of SmileWell Dental

Partnering with a trusted RCM company will replace your stress about your cash flow with money in the bank. Continue your RCM journey by talking to one of our experts at DCS. Schedule a call today.

See your dental business thrive with cash flow you can count on

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