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Meet Dental Industry Expert Jon Kromenhoek: DCS Leader Profiles

June 6th, 2024 | 3 min. read

Meet Dental Industry Expert Jon Kromenhoek: DCS Leader Profiles Blog Feature

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Meet our VP of Sales and Business Development, Jon Kromenhoek, who wields his football coaching skills to ensure our sales and operations teams work together to create an unmatched level of service for our customers.

Welcome to the DCS Leader Profiles! Jon Kromenhoek is the VP of Sales and Business Development at Dental Claim Support (DCS) — a full-service dental revenue cycle management provider that helps dental businesses streamline their administrative processes to improve their cash flow. 

We brought Jon on to lead our Sales department and bring his decades of expertise to our sales and business strategies. Today, we’re delving into his previous wins and work experience, his current role, and his vision for DCS’ future. 

Meet Jon Kromenhoek, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at DCS

Jon has a less typical start in the dental industry. In fact, he started as a football coach. Untitled design-2

He coached high school football, and then college football at University of New Hampshire before joining Brasseler USA, a dental clinical and surgical equipment company. 

During his time at Brasseler USA, Jon created and pitched a business plan to start a new Special Markets business segment for their dental business. His CEO at the time, Don Waters, believed in Jon and his plan and took a chance on it.

As a result, Brasseler Special Markets became the fastest growing business unit in the company, generating more than $20 million of new business in just a few years. 

Now, Jon helps lead DCS’ sales department from his home in Savannah, Georgia — near DCS Headquarters! — with his wife, Alison, and their 3 adult children. Jon also spends much of his time attending industry events around the country with his DCS sales team to network with dental businesses and organizations that would benefit from our revenue management services. 

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What’s in store for Jon at DCS? Let’s ask him…

We asked Jon about his ultimate goal for the sales team at DCS. Here’s what he said: 

“My #1 initiative at DCS is to lead seamless cohesion across sales and operations to help deliver the best level of RCM services in the dental space. Sales and operations working together as one will create an unmatched level of service for our customers, and DCS will be seen as a valued member of every customer's team.”

Through it all, Jon is focused on building and leading a sales team that is driven to be the best in the industry so they accelerate growth across all DCS’ services. 

DCS is continuing to expand into other dental industry markets, such as the DSO space. Jon’s connections and previous experience working with DSOs directly help support this expansion. 

As we mentioned before, Jon regularly attends dental industry events across the USA. Follow Jon Kromenhoek on LinkedIn to hear about DCS services and deals, the dental industry, and dentistry event updates. 

Learn more about Jon and DCS when booking your free call

Jon’s experience selling clinical equipment to dental professionals and DSOs has proved to be very valuable to DCS. 

He is able to connect the dots between our operations and sales strategies, leading to more and greater customer successes. Jon’s unique blend of coaching acumen and professional experience, along with his forward-thinking mindset, are our competitive edge as he leads our sales team into the DSO space. 

DCS offers end-to-end revenue cycle management services for private practices, group practices and DSOs. Our primary goals: To streamline your workflows, increase your cash flow, and give your team the freedom to better engage with patients and improve the patient experience. 

Take advantage of the expertise we offer at DCS, and benefit from the leadership of dental industry experts like Jon Kromenhoek: Book a free 30-minute consultation today.

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