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Looking for a dental office management company? Hire RCM services for your practice instead

January 18th, 2023 | 5 min. read

Looking for a dental office management company? Hire RCM services for your practice instead Blog Feature

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As a dentist, you went to dental school to learn the clinical skills needed to care for your patient’s oral health, not run a business. 

The way you run your business will result in how profitable you are. That’s why many dentists have looked into hiring a dental office management company. 

Dental office management companies and their services can range from just consultants to outsourcing your entire front desk. 

What if we had a different solution for you, that will still lead to high revenue?

DCS is a full-service dental revenue cycle management service provider. Your practice is easier to run when you can count on a worry-free billing process. And that is what our experts provide for your team.

Through our years of helping dental practices become more streamlined and profitable, we understand the inclination to want to hire a dental office management company. It would remove a lot of the administrative work from your plate as a practice leader. 

In this article, we’re going to explain why you should instead outsource your revenue cycle management. This includes any tasks that directly affect revenue: 

  • Insurance billing
  • Patient billing
  • Insurance verification
  • Credentialing

First, let’s define RCM services even further. 

What are RCM (revenue cycle management) services?

Your revenue cycle includes anything that is keeping your business profitable. For a dental practice, this is mainly your patients and dental insurance companies. 

RCM services have experts who take on revenue-related tasks so that they are performed accurately and efficiently in order to increase revenue. 

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These experts work behind the scenes to make sure your processes are streamlined to collect what you’re owed from patients and insurance companies. 

Because dental insurance is so complicated and tedious, hiring experts to handle insurance-related tasks has become a more popular choice among dental teams. 

When you have an expert at the helm of your revenue cycle, your team can focus on things actually happening in the office, such as patient care.

Now, let us explain why you should choose RCM services over a dental office management company. 

Schedule a call with one of our RCM experts.

Your in-house staff is invaluable - they won’t be replaced or managed when you hire RCM services

When you hire a revenue cycle management service provider, you are hiring experts to handle revenue-related tasks at the practice. But these experts will not be replacing or even managing your in-house team.

They will instead work with your in-house staff to help deliver an excellent dental patient experience. 

“We don’t take away from offices, and get people removed from offices — we  continually add value to the office”

- Josh Smith, Co-founder of DCS

It’s common for dental teams to get bogged down with time-consuming tasks like the insurance aging report, sending out patient reminders, and insurance verification. Your in-house team’s time is valuable and is better spent on in-office patients. 

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Your ability to create a positive experience for patients is what will bring them back and have them tell their friends about you. You might not have this ability if you are stuck on the phone with insurance companies about a claim appeal.

When your revenue tasks are being handled by experts behind the scenes, you can spend your time cultivating relationships with patients and ensuring a smooth check-in and check-out process. You can also spend more time reaching out to new or current patients to fill the schedule, leading to higher revenue. 

Experts will be hyper-focused on the challenging tasks that drive your practice’s revenue

Is a service to manage your dental office going to increase revenue? Your in-house team’s biggest challenge is time and expertise when it comes to revenue-related tasks. 

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The best way to overcome this is to have experts honed in on the tasks that drive revenue, not making sure your team is doing what they’re supposed to do in the office.

For example, at DCS, our expert billers will work remotely on your insurance billing, patient billing, insurance verification, and/or credentialing. 

You won’t have an extra person to “report” to. You will have a point of contact that you’ll keep in touch with, but mostly to provide information necessary for billers to do their jobs. They won’t be overseeing the things you do in the office. 

They will instead be applying their expertise to:

  • Submitting clean, accurate insurance claims for quick reimbursement
  • Strategically working through your insurance aging report to get your claims paid and appeal denied claims 
  • Issue patient statements efficiently and send balance notifications
  • Complete the Standard Insurance Verification (IV) form for insurance companies that don't provide enough benefit information on their basic PDF
  • Streamline the credentialing application process for each individual provider 

Experts handling these revenue tasks are saving your practice hours of work while driving your revenue, and giving your team the opportunity to focus on patients. It also ensures higher accuracy because of the expert eyes on your revenue cycle. 

Ready to learn more about how a dental RCM service can transform your dental practice?

We understand the urge to hire a service to manage your dental practice. Running a business well is what makes you profitable. But if instead hire experts to properly manage your revenue cycle, other elements of your office will fall into place. 

Your team will feel more organized, less stressed, and more confident because they can focus on more meaningful tasks: working and creating relationships with patients.

DCS’ RCM services help create a patient-centered practice that is easy to run with accurate and compliant billing practices. 

To learn more about how RCM services can give you cash flow you can count on, schedule a call with one of our billing experts. 

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