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How much time does Dental ClaimSupport dedicate to my account?

April 13th, 2021 | 6 min. read

How much time does Dental ClaimSupport dedicate to my account? Blog Feature

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Outsourced dental billing is a variable of your practice that you haven’t been able to dedicate enough time to, whether you are an office manager, a dentist or the owner of the practice. Perhaps you are all three, in which case, you are truly in need of someone else to take care of your billing. You’re spread too thin and you need something you know will make sure you’re collecting what you’ve earned from each patient and dental insurance company. 


Dental ClaimSupport (DCS) is an outsourced dental billing company that is focused on lifting the burden of sending all dental claims, posting insurance payments, and researching all claims on your outstanding insurance aging report. Every nitpicky detail about dental billing, every frustration you may have about collecting payments, will be taken care of by an account executive who has spent years helping dental practices around the United States with streamlining their billing process. 

In this article, we will answer one of the most common questions we receive from potential new clients: How much time do you dedicate to my account? Spoiler alert: it’s not a specific number of hours! We understand that might be a frustrating answer for you to hear, but after reading this article, you will understand why it benefits you to not have a set amount of hours we always spend on your account.

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Who is working on my dental billing account?

There is an account executive, account manager or remote biller assigned and working on your account every single day, all under the supervision of a Team Leader. 

Your Account Executive, who will be your day to day point of contact, is expertly trained on how to post dental insurance payments. Your Account Manager, who is specifically trained how to work insurance aging reports. Your Account Manager also reviews and sends your claims each day.  Your assigned Team Lead will be your secondary point of contact. You will  have the opportunity to reach out at any time to your Team Lead and they will schedule at least a monthly check in call to make sure you are seeing the desired results. Your Team Lead will also be performing random spot checks as well as verifying your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – such as posting numbers, claims worked, insurance aging numbers and percentages – daily, weekly, and monthly!

Who does Dental ClaimSupport hire to work my account?

Dental ClaimSupport’s team of expert  remote billers are located all over the United States. The billers go through an extensive vetting process prior to hire. Currently in our hiring process, each biller is required to have a dental background and experience. 

You can see our employee dedication and culture in either our company Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Client Surveys, and Client Testimonial videos. 

From our CEO, Ryan DeLettre, “We put our team through a rigorous training program that we are always improving and have the most expert billers in the field. We have the utmost trust and support in every single one of them. But we are a team. We have a team of these experts on your account at all times.”

Our teams’ experience in dental, along with the extensive Dental ClaimSupport training process educates each and every biller on the same processes to utilize in every day billing for your account. Processes are in place to be followed and while some variability does exist, we can assure that Team Leads are put in place to monitor each Account Executive and Account Manager on each DCS Team.  

Trainings are also conducted internally regularly, including a monthly educational webinar from Dental Claims Academy that is not required, but highly encouraged for each team member.

How do you match me with your DCS team?


In addition to skills testing, DCS also uses a tool called the DISC Assessment to understand our employee’s personalities. The assessment measures dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. It helps all of us better understand each other’s work style and how to build more effective relationships. Understanding a person’s personality is how we match you with an account executive. If you have a smaller practice with less staff for example, you would likely be matched with someone more personable who you may create a deeper working-relationship with, since your staff is already probably close-knit. We make sure that whoever is going to be your main point of contact is someone you will enjoy working with, especially since you’ll be communicating with them daily.


We also make sure to match you with team leads, account managers and account executives who know the software you’re using like the back of their hand. They will have likely had years of experience using and optimizing your current software, saving both parties time in the onboarding process.

Different dental practices require different kinds of attention

Our team is going to spend as much time as it takes to get an improvement in accounts receivable, research all outstanding claims, and make sure all insurance payments are posted in a timely fashion. 

Time spent on your account also depends on what kind of issues your practice may or may not have. Not only because there might be a lot of billing clean-up, credentialing issues, new providers, a large number of collections, and many claims to send, but also because we are all getting used to a new working relationship! We’re building trust with you, which comes with more touchpoints and communication. 

The overall volume of work depends on the structure, size and state of your dental practice. It’s important to note the way we work on every account. While our team of experts is solely focused on the dental insurance billing aspect of your dental practice we guarantee you will get the time and dedication you deserve.

Our goal is making sure your dental insurance billing is performed accurately and to completion, so we are hyper-focused on this and able to get more done in an efficient amount of time. 

Think of it like a cleaning-person. Cleaning the house can take all day sometimes, right? You have to straighten up, then wipe things down, then stop to feed the kids. Then you clean the bathrooms, then you have to stop to go to the grocery store. It can take all day! When a cleaning-person comes, their sole job is to clean. That is exactly what we are for your dental office. The person taking one less burden off of your plate so that you can focus on other things. 

How does the amount of time you spend on my account affect my bill?

On our website, we break down how we bill our clients. The bottom line is, your account is always going to be worked in full. Every payment from that day is going to be posted within 24 hours, every claim on your aging report will be worked on. 

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You are essentially paying commission instead an hourly rate. How much you are billed solely  depends on how much insurance collections are received each month. 

We are incentivized to post as many payments as we can on your account, because we are paid a (very small) percentage of what you collect! The more payments we post for you, the more we collect for you, the more money we make. 

How much will I be paying compared to an in-house insurance coordinator?

Still not sold on outsourcing your dental billing?  Let’s compare to the cost of paying an insurance coordinator or an internal employee to solely focus on billing.. Check out one of our latest articles comparing the cost of outsourced dental billing to hiring someone in-house on our blog

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