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How to help your practice thrive with career training at Dental Claims Academy

August 25th, 2021 | 4 min. read

How to help your practice thrive with career training at Dental Claims Academy Blog Feature

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Whether you are new to dental office work or have years of experience, your education in the business of dentistry is crucial to making the practice and your career a success. Collecting insurance claims drives up income, but it’s become incredibly difficult.

Dental billing codes and insurance regulations are always changing and being updated. You need to stay up-to-date on these changes to properly generate revenue and have a smooth-running practice. 

After years of helping dental practices with their insurance billing, Dental ClaimSupport has created an educational resource accessible to anyone hoping to improve their knowledge of the dental industry. 

With the help of our coding and billing experts, we have created Dental Claims Academy, an educational platform that focuses on those specific, hard to grasp topics that everyone at the dental practice should understand. In this article, you will learn why a membership to Dental Claims Academy can benefit your dental practice through education, collaboration, and collecting more money.

Who is eligible for Dental Claims Academy?

Like we said, whether you have 20 years of dental experience or 2, Dental Claims Academy is a resource for everyone. 

If you're new to working in a dental office, or you're seeking a career as a dental biller, it's a great source for gaining the knowledge necessary to be successful in that role. If you're a seasoned dental biller, Dental Claims Academy is providing you with ongoing knowledge and education.

Everything changes rapidly regarding coding and insurance administration, and there's lots of areas of compliance surrounding billing that the dental biller must know today.

It's our goal to provide quality education. It could even be a good resource for a clinical team member who wants to learn more about dental billing and coding. It's not just limited to dental billers. We have courses available regarding coding and documentation that the clinical team needs to be aware of as well.

If I have plenty of experience in the dental industry,  why do I need to enroll in Dental Claims Academy?

Things are changing rapidly in dental. Coding changes every year, whether it be CDT dental procedure coding, CPT medical procedure coding, or ICD 10. Each code set is reviewed annually and revised, not to mention new codes are added. It’s a lot to keep up with. 

Insurance policies also change every year. So you have to keep up with the change, trends, dental insurance reimbursement, and what the payer needs for documentation to ensure that the practice is being paid for the procedures they're performing.


It’s risky to use outdated knowledge of insurance rules and procedure codes.

  • You feel overwhelmed by ever-changing rules (instead of on top of them)
  • You spend too much time with claims instead of helping your team or your patients
  • Patients lose trust when you don’t use their benefits correctly
  • You can’t recognize risks that can cost the practice dearly due to non-compliance
  • The practice can lose thousands of dollars every month that aren’t collected, if you don’t know how to get payment for everyone’s work

Because there’s so much to gain, you not only need to know the changes, you need to understand how to apply them. This is where Dental Claims Academy can help you.

What do I get out of a Dental Claims Academy membership?

When you join Dental Claims Academy, you can choose to enroll and purchase as many courses or webinars you like, or have an all access membership.

This gives you access to all of our webinars, courses, resources, and any forthcoming information that we add to DCA as we're continuing to develop and create the content that's pertinent to today's insurance world. Lastly, and most importantly, with a full membership you have access to our coaches through our mastermind, coined “Admin on Purpose."

1. You will receive access to topic specific courses 

Purchasing an all-access membership means you will have access to all of our courses. The courses include informative videos that you can take quizzes on to help retain the information. 

Some course options include: 

  1. Coding and billing terminology
  2. Anatomy and terminology
  3. Understanding the billing process
  4. Insurance administration 
  5. Coordination of benefits
  6. Copay forgiveness & discounting 

If you visit our website there’s even more courses available. When you start a course, you’ll have access to a combination of videos and reference information documents, kind of like a study guide. You’ll then take quizzes throughout the course. And then you’ll take an entire course quiz to test your knowledge on the topic.


2. You will have access to our Admin on Purpose group

With your membership you can join our Admin on Purpose group and meet with our experts in the industry. It’s a small, intimate group that meets 2-3 times per month for 45 minutes to an hour. You can interact with and bring questions to this group with fellow members in order to learn in a more “face-to-face” environment. Our experts specialize in topics such as coding, billing, HIPAA and OSHA. 

3. Monthly webinars 

Every month users of Dental Claims Academy can purchase our topic-specific webinars. Our webinar series, Navigating the Codes is hosted by our Chief Claims Officer, Dilaine Gloege. She is a dental billing author, educator, speaker and consultant with more than 35 years of dental and insurance claims experience.

All of our webinars are available to purchase on demand. They're very informative webinars covering all kinds of coding topics. There's no quiz per se at the end of the webinar that you're required to take, but if you wish to obtain CE credits, then you will need to complete a quiz. 

Some webinar topics include: 

  1. Copay forgiveness
  2. Coordination of benefits
  3. Annual coding updates
  4. Ins and Outs of PPOS
  5. Dental insurance basics
  6. Implant services
  7. Pitfalls in documentation

Plus more! With this information, you can walk away with the knowledge necessary to be more successful in getting claims paid. You will also be more knowledgeable on talking to patients about benefits. 

Make yourself invaluable to your dental practice and appreciated by patients 

Sharing correct information with patients means you're going to gain that trust with them. Your patient retention is going to be better, therefore your production is going to go up at your dental practice. You’re going to have a great reputation for being an expert in your industry. 

All of this means that you can collect more at your dental practice, leading to an overall more successful business. As an outsourced dental billing provider, we prioritize making sure our customers have the most accurate information to run productive dental offices.

Visit our Dental Claims Academy website to learn more about becoming a member of our educational program!

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