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Meet Dental Industry Leader Greg Gray: DCS Leader Profiles

June 13th, 2024 | 3 min. read

Meet Dental Industry Leader Greg Gray: DCS Leader Profiles Blog Feature

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Meet our Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Gray, who literally wrote the book on running a business. His growth mindset keeps our leadership team on the path toward happier customers and higher revenue.

Gregory Gray is the Chief Executive Officer at Dental Claim Support (DCS) — a full-service dental revenue cycle management provider that helps dental businesses streamline their administrative processes to improve their cash flow. 

Greg was brought into DCS as a business consultant, and then joined the company as our CEO. Today, we’re delving into his previous experience, his current role, and his vision for DCS’ future.

Meet Gregory Gray, Chief Executive Officer at DCS

Greg started with Dental Claim Support as a business consultant, guiding our trio of founders on expanding their successful business. 

They knew he was the right person for the CEO job because, among other things, Greg had:

  • Conducted business on-site in 49 of the 50 states
  • Taught business classes as an adjunct professor at Union University in Hendersonville, TN for four years (while also working full-time)
  • Released 100+ episodes of the Business Owner Freedom podcast
  • Authored the 5-star book Business Owner Freedom

After 5 years of consulting for DCS, he joined our leadership team as a full-time CEO in 2023. Greg already knew the ins and outs of the company, as well as our company culture — which he helped shape.

Greg joined DCS when it was undergoing major growth, and it still is. As every emerging business knows, with growth comes challenges — which is why DCS committed to hiring a full C-Suite team to lead us.

Greg currently lives on Amelia Island, FL and is working on his PhD in Organization and Management with an Executive Coaching Cognate through Liberty University. 

When he’s not leading DCS, Greg is gardening or ocean fishing.

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What’s in store for Greg at DCS? Let’s ask him

We asked Greg about his vision for his role at DCS. Here’s what he said:

“My goal is to build a world-class executive team. This team will be the catalyst for building a great strategy and growth initiatives at DCS. It is the nucleus of everything DCS is about and believes in.”

As DCS has grown to over 200 employees, our leadership team becomes more vital to our success. Our leaders head each department, create structure in the company, and implement strategies that will lead to more growth. 

Under Greg’s guidance, DCS has added services to become an end-to-end revenue cycle management service provider. We’ve also further embraced automation with our technology platforms — doubling down with our DCS Expansion Pack, which is a bundled deal for automated credentialing, patient scheduling, and patient billing services.

These winning initiatives are born in leadership meetings between all departments, gatherings that hum with the executive’s team’s combined expertise and clever collaboration. With Greg’s growth-focused mindset, he keeps DCS leadership on the path of higher revenue, happier customers, and professional success.

You can learn more about Greg’s work with DCS, his previous experience, and his views on building a company’s culture by visiting Greg’s LinkedIn profile. 

Learn more about DCS when you book a call

Greg Gray’s experience growing businesses has proved to be extremely valuable to DCS. 

As he leads DCS into continued growth, Greg connects the dots among our many departments — Sales, Operations, Marketing, HR, and more — leading to higher revenue, a healthier company culture, and ultimately, more satisfied customers. 

DCS offers end-to-end revenue cycle management services for private practices, group practices and DSOs. Our goal is to streamline your workflows to increase your cash flow, and also offer your team the freedom to better engage with patients and enrich the patient experience. 

Take advantage of the expertise we offer at DCS under the leadership of experts like Gregory Gray: Take our quick assessment to see if DCS is the right fit for you today.

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