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New book empowers dental teams to increase income from the insurance billing process

July 13th, 2021 | 1 min. read

New book empowers dental teams to increase income from the insurance billing process Blog Feature

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Award-winning Savannah-based dental billing company, Dental ClaimSupport, shows how to increase revenue from the dental billing process in a book available for purchase

Savannah, GA - July 13, 2021 - Dental ClaimSupport, an outsourced dental billing company, has a new book to help dental practice managers open up cash flow that’s often clogged in the insurance claims process. Author Josh Smith, a former insurance coordinator and co-founder of Dental ClaimSupport, has helped turn chaos into cash flow in  the dental industry since 2009. The Ultimate Guide to Dental Billing & Reporting is available at dentalclaimsupport.com. 

Frequently, dentists can’t access tens of thousands of dollars in income that’s tied up in insurance claims. These claims get mired in the complex review process, often leading to lost income that is never collected. Smith wrote this book to help more practices collect payments systematically. The book gives managers, practice owners and dentists an easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction manual on how to have an effective and efficient dental billing process. 

“Every office needs a billing process. The problem is many don't,” says Smith. “Too much money is left on the table every year and doctors and their patients pay the price. Implementing a billing process reduces errors and reduces stress. It increases morale, and increases profits. It's a must-have for ALL dental offices in the US.”

Having a streamlined dental billing process is a proven path to greater income, so it only made sense to create an accessible guide that would give dentists the essential insights they need to make dental billing easier and more productive.  

In the Ultimate Guide to Dental Billing & Reporting, readers can expect to learn the entire dental billing process from start to finish, how to master key reports for a smooth-running practice and in-turn, enjoy a dental practice that is efficient, profitable, and well-managed. 

Pre-sale for the book starts Wednesday, July 14th. Delivery will begin after the launch date of Wednesday, August 25, when all pre-sale purchases will be shipped.

Having steps laid out when you’re doing dental billing can make a big difference when it comes to creating a more efficient process. Mark your calendar to order your copy of the Ultimate Guide to Dental Billing & Reporting today.

Get the Ultimate Guide to Dental Billing and Reporting book by Josh Smith

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