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DCS Innovations: Account Specialists spearhead collaborative strategies with dental teams

April 18th, 2024 | 5 min. read

DCS Innovations: Account Specialists spearhead collaborative strategies with dental teams Blog Feature

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DCS is a full-service revenue cycle management provider serving dental teams all around the United States. Our expert billers have long been referred to as Remote Team Members (RTMs), because that’s been their primary role for your dental team. But as DCS has grown, so have our expectations for our RTMs — so we expanded their role to reach beyond your billing.

We now pair each dental business with an Account Specialist and an Account Manager. They’ll do more than just oversee your insurance claims — they will ensure your business’ specific revenue cycle is handled with maximum efficiency to collect as much as possible. 

DCS has always viewed our experts’ relationships with dental teams as collaborative, and as we continue to grow as a company, the personal touch our Accounts has with your team becomes more important than ever. 

Our goal has always been to help your dental business collect what it’s owed through streamlined processes managed by billing experts. And while this is still the case, to further benefit your dental business, here are the steps we’re taking to strengthen the relationship your team will have with your DCS point of contact. 

Read on for answers to 3 key questions our customers (and potential customers!) have asked about this change. 

1. Why is DCS now calling their RTMs Account Specialists?

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Pamela Wilson, explains why DCS has made this change: 

“DCS has evolved into a full-service dental revenue cycle management provider. The expectations of the people who deliver those services needed to evolve as well. Our Account Specialists receive training and preparation beyond anything we’ve offered before — and are held to the highest industry standards. 

These crucial team members have two goals when they log in to work: To generate consistent revenue for their offices, and to “wow” the customers they serve every day.”

The role of your Account Specialists is exactly what it sounds like: They will specialize in your account. They will learn your revenue cycle inside and out, and become fluent in its strong points and where it needs improvement. 

What has always set DCS apart from our competitors is our commitment to easy and honest communication with your point of contact.

We want to reassure you that while the titles of some of our expert billers may change, your initial point of contact will stay consistent. This intentional change aims to better serve you by providing our employees with additional training and support.

By empowering our team members with these resources, we enhance their ability to efficiently manage your revenue cycle and strengthen their relationship with your team.

And although they are working remotely in your practice management software, we want you to know and feel like there is a real person behind your account leveraging their skills, knowledge, and experience while working hard to get you paid. 

When your dental team comes to know and appreciate their point of contact, it enhances trust, improves communication, and nurtures the comfortable collaboration needed to maximize your revenue. 

Your Account Specialist is not only an expert in dental revenue cycle management, they’ll become an expert on your dental business. 

2. How will this affect me and my dental team?

Your Account Specialist will bring all their expertise to your revenue cycle, improving its processes and workflows to increase your collections. While there won’t be any drastic changes to your day-to-day due to DCS, you and your team will come to know your Account Specialist better.

You’ll meet with your Account Specialist more regularly to review your dental business’ performance, as well as the results that DCS has garnered for you. This keeps everyone accountable for their part in this collaborative effort to collect more. 

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Those conversations are also another reminder for your staff that your DCS Account Specialist is an extension of your team — and a real person. 

You’ll get to know yours on a more personal level through our new DCS Account Specialist Introductory Sheets, where you’ll learn about their experience, the results they’ve produced for others, and even one or two personal facts. For example:

Tien Hayman is an Account Specialist with over 9 years of dental experience who loves to bake. She used to design and create custom cakes for sale, but nowadays, she sticks to sharing her personalized creations with family and friends.

With DCS, you won’t be handed to a random person each time you call. You’ll always communicate with the same person who is familiar with you, your team, and your business, and is a person you already know and trust.

This consistency, earned trust, and continuous communication are a trio that will become valued contributors to your dental practice’s success.

3. Will current processes change as I work with an Account Specialist?

Generally speaking, no. Your revenue cycle processes will not change. The way DCS collects for you will stay rooted in expertise that uses today’s technology, human talent, and modern approaches to streamline your RCM processes. 

What will change is how — and how often — you communicate with your Account Specialist. There will be monthly communication between both parties so that expectations remain clear, progress is noted, and everyone’s thoughts and concerns are always on the table.

You can look forward to monthly Zoom meetings to recap the previous 30 days, discuss how things are going, and address any outstanding questions either of you have for the other. Your Account Specialist will use this opportunity to go over your numbers with you in detail and explain what steps they are taking to improve them. 

It’s just like you’re meeting with an in-house team member for a regular check-in to talk about their performance.

As we’ve mentioned, you’ll find that working with DCS is a collaborative experience. Our team’s expertise is best applied to your revenue cycle when you and your team are willing to engage and work with us in a real partnership.

Our hands-on approach to communication is proven to produce better, lasting results for your dental business. 

Work successfully with DCS to watch your revenue and dental team thrive

To recap, we answered these 3 key questions about transitioning from RTMs to Account Specialists: 

  1. Why is DCS now calling their RTMs Account Specialists?
  2. How will this affect me and my dental team?
  3. Will current processes change as I work with an Account Specialist?

We’ve expanded the role of our Remote Team Members to Account Specialists to improve communication and cultivate trust between your in-house team and our RCM experts.

A more robust relationship between the two will elevate the results DCS produces for you. Aside from meeting more regularly with your Account Specialist, your RCM processes will generally remain the same. 

We always want dental teams like yours to know they’re working with a real person who cares about their business at DCS — a real person who produces real results. 

If you don’t already work with DCS and want to tap into our revenue cycle management expertise, book a free 30-minute call today.

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