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3 reasons DCS customers aren't feeling the dental staffing shortage

September 19th, 2023 | 5 min. read

3 reasons DCS customers aren't feeling the dental staffing shortage Blog Feature

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In the world of dentistry, the dental workforce shortage has emerged as a substantial challenge, affecting practices across the board.

Dental leaders have struggled to meet staffing requirements on both the administrative and clinical sides, resulting in operational strain and compromised patient care. It’s also harder to retain employees these days. 

Our revenue cycle management (RCM) services at DCS relieve several pain points for dental teams, including the need to hire an insurance coordinator, or bring in an extra set of hands to help with billing. 

Over the years, we’ve noticed that our customers at DCS aren’t feeling the strain of the staffing shortage at the same intensity as other dental practice owners — specifically when it comes to their administrative team. 

This article will delve into 3 reasons why our customers at DCS don’t feel the stress of hiring and retaining employees during the dental workforce shortage. 

You’ll even hear current customers explain how our services have taken a huge load off their shoulders now that RCM experts are by their side.

Let’s dive into those 3 reasons our customers aren’t feeling the staffing shortage:

Reason #1: Their need to hire more dental staff has vanished

One of the primary reasons DCS clients appear immune to the dental workforce shortage is their ability to streamline operations and maximize staff efficiency.  

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It's crucial to understand that DCS doesn't replace your staff; rather, we complement them. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and efficient processes, DCS significantly reduces your need to hire additional staff members.

“After our Financial Insurance Coordinator of 15 years moved on from our office, I wasn’t sure where to turn. While interviewing, it was impossible to find someone who had the dental knowledge and insurance expertise combined. A quick Google Search for third-party billing led me to DCS. They have been fabulous to work with.”

— Amber Jean of Children’s Dental Care

It takes time and resources to find and hire the right person to handle the complex nature of your dental revenue cycle. But with DCS on your side, the need to bring more hands on deck essentially evaporates. 

Our experts dedicate their time to ensure you are paid promptly by both insurance companies and patients, while your current team focuses on providing excellent care to patients in your office

Reason #2: They have less turnover with higher retention

Change is good — but when your team members are a blur in a constantly revolving door, the nonstop changes can create chaos and even be costly.

“High turnover rates among staff members can severely impact the growth and stability of a dental practice. Frequently replacing employees results in increased hiring and training costs and potential disruptions in patient care and overall practice efficiency.” —Edge

In contrast, DCS customers don’t face as much turnover, especially because their in-house teams are happy with our services — our RCM services take a huge administrative load off of teams. With RCM experts managing your cash flow, your in-house team has the opportunity to focus on work they care more about that feels more rewarding.

Carly Thomas of Carly Thomas, DDS explains, “We absolutely love DCS. They have taken a tremendous workload off of our staff and have increased collections and decreased our AR significantly.”

By handing monotonous administrative burdens to DCS, your team can focus on impactful work, such as ensuring your patients receive the attention they deserve, and taking steps to help your dental business thrive. 

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Reason #3: They’re no longer required to hire a dental insurance expert

The struggle to find a dental insurance expert in the midst of the workforce shortage is real. But without an expert handling your revenue cycle, you’ll face more errors that lead to claim denials, payment delays, and intermittent cash flow.

DCS eliminates these obstacles to your financial success. Our team provides the expertise needed to manage your insurance claims and patient billing. When you’re partnered with DCS, you can allocate your hiring resources to other critical positions, such as a treatment coordinator, an office manager, or clinical positions.

Those other administrative roles don’t necessarily require extensive dental insurance expertise, either. For example, with a treatment coordinator, Cloud 9 Software recommends, “A dentistry background is desired but not required, since many new coordinators will learn the different treatment options via in-house training.”

This recommendation widens your hiring pool to include candidates who may not possess specialized insurance expertise. With more options — and perhaps better options — for your hire, you will have an easier time finding the right people to work at your dental office.

Will you keep fighting the staffing shortage, or finally overcome it?

You can’t control the nationwide staffing shortage, but you can take steps to battle it. To recap, DCS clients feel less strained by the shortage because:

  1. Their need to hire more dental staff has vanished
  2. They have less turnover with higher retention
  3. They’re no longer required to hire a dental insurance expert

DCS is reshaping the landscape of dental practices, allowing them to soar above the constraints of the workforce shortage.

So, the question remains: Will you continue to struggle with staffing challenges, or will you embrace the transformative potential of DCS services to revolutionize your practice?

“Our front desk has been able to focus more on our patients, checking eligibility as well as scheduling unscheduled treatment. All in all, we are very pleased with DCS.” —Google Review

While DCS increases your revenue, efficiency, and growth, your team is free to focus on running your office and providing an amazing experience for patients.

Choose to thrive instead of survive: Book a call with our RCM experts.

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