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Revenue cycle management best practices: The complete checklist

May 2nd, 2023 | 6 min. read

Revenue cycle management best practices: The complete checklist Blog Feature

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Getting paid by insurance and patients is a high-stakes game for dental teams.

Revenue cycle management best practices are like a playbook for dental teams who want to provide great patient care and keep winning the game.

The purpose of revenue cycle management (RCM) in the dental industry is to shorten the time between taking the patient’s call and posting the final payment. 

What’s the most efficient way to achieve this?

Your dental team may be mighty on their own, but they’re unstoppable with DCS revenue cycle management experts on their team. 

Revenue cycle management best practices require teamwork. When you pass the ball to RCM experts, you get the most money out of your revenue cycle. 

Get our RCM best practices checklist for free

Our checklist gives you the complete playbook to unlock the full revenue potential of your business. It breaks down RCM best practices into the steps your team performs and how your RCM experts support you to streamline your workflow, so you give patients a positive dental experience. 

This checklist includes a revenue cycle management flow chart PDF that is available when you download this resource. 

The revenue cycle management PDF is a powerful tool to use when moving through your processes, especially when working with RCM experts. 


Here’s how it works.

Passing the ball to your RCM team 

First things first—the RCM experts at DCS are on your side, with the same goal: to get you paid quickly and help you thrive financially.

Dental RCM experts are not there to steal your job. In fact, they need you as teammates, to work in tandem with them. 

Expert revenue cycle management is crucial for dental businesses because it reduces payment turnaround times and maximizes revenue.

No one on your team feels good about writing off patient payments you can’t chase down, or fighting endless battles with insurance companies over denied claims. 

But when you team up with RCM experts, they bring a new set of skills to the field. DCS experts know how to fight and win, increasing your revenue and giving your team breathing room to provide a better experience for patients. 

RCM experts have years of experience with insurance and patient billing, verification, coding, regulations, and best practices.

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Your team initiates the revenue cycle with patient registration and claim creation, and passes the ball to the RCM experts to keep moving towards the goal of getting fully compensated, fast.

Pre-game preparation and strategy: Revenue cycle management best practices PDF

To ensure you are getting the most from your partnership with your RCM experts, you need to use revenue cycle management best practices. 

This starts with knowing exactly what you’re responsible for. While your RCM experts are taking on a lot of responsibility, they still require your in-house team to bring their best to the game.

To make it easy to see, we’ve created a simple playbook: 

Unlock the secrets to revenue cycle management best practices with our fillable checklist (it’s free!)

This checklist is a downloadable revenue cycle management PDF that walks you through the steps you need to follow to manage your dental revenue cycle like a pro. Even better, it’s fillable: Tick the boxes next to tasks you want to focus on as you go. You’ll see which tasks are streamlined with RCM expertise by DCS. This speeds up your workflows, reduces costs, and optimizes your revenue.

Download the revenue cycle management PDF checklist, and give it a handy bookmark, so you’ll never miss a step that maximizes your revenue. 

Halftime adjustments: Monitoring and analytics

Because working with RCM experts successfully is a team effort, both you and your RCM team will be in regular communication. 

Our RCM services are customized to your specific challenges. RCM experts make adjustments to tailor their processes and services to work well with your in-house team. If you aren’t hitting your goals, you’ll communicate with your RCM team member and come up with a solution together. 

The RCM best practices checklist outlines the steps to complete in order for your revenue cycle to be profitable. 

To track your progress, your RCM experts provide you with analytics and reports that will show you how your RCM processes are performing, so you can make adjustments where needed. 

Download your Dental Revenue Cycle Management Best Practices PDF: The complete checklist

It outlines the steps you need to take to collect from both patients and insurance, but also to work efficiently with your RCM teammates. 

Working with RCM experts will help your dental practice or group take control of your revenue, so you can maximize the cashflow in your dental business.

You will have a worry-free RCM process that empowers you to put patients first. 

Jumpstart your growth with this revenue cycle management best practices PDF. The flow chart and fillable guide are yours free, from the RCM experts at DCS.

Ask an expert: schedule a call to answer your questions about how our RCM services will help you. 

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