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Automated dental credentialing: 3 things you'll be glad to know

March 5th, 2024 | 5 min. read

Automated dental credentialing: 3 things you'll be glad to know Blog Feature

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Dental credentialing and re-credentialing are some of those tasks that pop up every year (or every two years, depending on who you’re in-network with), and you just dread them. They’re tedious and time-consuming, and just an overall headache. 

DCS provides automated dental credentialing services to alleviate that headache. We know how bothersome the credentialing process can be for you and your team, which is why we have technology and experts who will handle it for you.

We recently hosted a credentialing webinar called, “A Giant Leap in Dental Credentialing,” which dives into how our automated credentialing services greatly simplify the process, making it essentially hands-free.

In case you missed it live, we’re here to recap the high points of that discussion. To get the full picture, you can watch the replay of “A Giant Leap in Dental Credentialing” here.

Takeaway #1: Dental credentialing processes need a BIG makeover

The dental credentialing process hasn’t changed in decades. And to be fair, we know the dental industry is typically a little slow to adapt to new technology when it comes to administrative tasks, but the process needs a makeover. 

Traditionally, the dental credentialing process usually takes 30 to 180+ days to complete. Various forms of documentation are submitted to the insurance company for vetting to ensure that allowing a dentist to serve patients within their network is in everyone’s best interest.

This is the most time-consuming element of becoming credentialed, and it’s easy to make mistakes with your submission as well, such as: 

  • Applying to too many dental insurance carriers at the same time
  • Failing to negotiate the fee schedule 
  • Not analyzing your service area first 
  • Starting the credentialing process too late 
  • Sending claims with the wrong provider information

That being said, credentialing is necessary to treat patients covered by insurance companies, so the process isn’t going away anytime soon. 

Dental credentialing is a painful process, and a permanent one — that’s why we decided to give it a makeover ourselves. 

Takeaway #2: Technology is your friend, especially in dental credentialing

Our experts presenting the webinar put it perfectly:

If you’re comfortable using email, you can get comfortable using our tech-based credentialing solution.

Our automated credentialing services ensure cost-efficient, secure enrollment administration that goes from call center; to data collection, data entry, and data integrity; to integration and analytics.

It’s built to serve all shapes and sizes of dental businesses — whether you’re in private practice, formed a group of offices, or run a DSO with dozens of dentists.

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Through our credentialing services, you’ll also have access to an up-to-the-moment view of your credentialing status on a clean, easy-to-use dashboard that’s available 24/7. You’ll never have to worry or wonder about your credentialing status because you can access that information with a few taps on your keyboard.

And because we handle your credentialing well ahead of its due date, there are no delays or interruptions in your providing treatment or billing for it.

You’re giving your practice an edge when you can credential quickly, collect all that you’re owed, and also take a huge administrative load off your team — which brings us to the final takeaway of the “A Giant Leap in Dental Credentialing” webinar…

Takeaway #3: Prompt credentialing gives your dental business a competitive edge

Automated credentialing services give your business an edge because being credentialed is free marketing for your dental practice. Your practice will be listed on the insurance company’s website as a preferred provider, and when the insured search for providers in their area, you’ll show up.

For example, when potential patients search for “dentist that accepts Cigna near me,” your practice will appear in the list of results. The more your name is in front of patients, the larger your pool of patients can become for higher production and more revenue.

And when your re-credentialing is automated, your status will remain uninterrupted, and your practice will remain open to insured patients. This is your competitive edge against dental businesses who credential the old way — risking months-long intervals when they can’t bill payers.

The competitive advantage you gain from automated credentialing can open doors to upgrading clinical equipment, giving your team raises/bonuses, or even opening another practice location. 

The possibilities are endless.

Watch the replay of “A Giant Leap in Dental Credentialing” and automate your credentialing today

Watch the recording of our webinar here. 

To recap, our top 3 takeaways from “A Giant Leap in Dental Credentialing” are:

  • Takeaway #1: Dental credentialing processes need a BIG makeover
  • Takeaway #2: Technology is your friend, especially in dental credentialing
  • Takeaway #3: Prompt credentialing gives your dental business a competitive edge

Our dental credentialing services at DCS will remove the burden from your team’s plate and streamline the entire process, ensuring you are credentialed — and re-credentialed — in a timely manner and keep your competitive edge. 

You can watch the full replay of the webinar here, or you can dive right in with one of our Account Specialists: Book a free 30-minute call with DCS to automate your credentialing process.

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