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Can I remain loyal to my dental staff while outsourcing my billing?

July 13th, 2021 | 4 min. read

Can I remain loyal to my dental staff while outsourcing my billing? Blog Feature

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As you explore outsourcing your dental insurance billing, the thought has probably crossed your mind: can I improve my practice’s collections through outsourcing our dental claims processing, while still remaining loyal to my wonderful dental staff? You want to collect more revenue from insurance companies, but you don’t seem to have enough people or enough experience, and you don’t want your amazing employees to leave. 

At Dental ClaimSupport, we get this question pretty often. We understand being concerned about keeping your staff intact while outsourcing your billing. Luckily, these two parts of your dental practice aren’t mutually exclusive. 

In this article, you will learn how you can do your staff a huge favor by outsourcing your dental billing. Outsourcing does not mean you are letting people go or you don’t trust your dental team. It’s quite the opposite. It gives your team a break and relief from having to deal with arguably the most frustrating portion of the billing process. 

This article focuses on how a healthy working relationship between your dental team and an outsourced billing company is possible, while increasing your revenue.

Outsourcing dental billing is not equal to the salary of an in-house office manager

Costs are at the top of your list when it comes to exploring outsourcing, right? It makes sense. You want to make more money, but don’t want to spend too much trying to create more cash flow. It would be counterproductive! We’ve got good news for you. 

Outsourcing your dental billing is not replacing your dental administrative team. 

Change is hard. Whether it's adding a team member to the practice or adding a service like outsourced dental billing, it can be met with a little bit of apprehension. We get it. It's foreign and new. But think how liberating and cost effective it can be too! Adding a virtual team member carries so many perks!

When looking at the average cost of hiring an insurance coordinator, outsourcing has the potential to save you $31,425 per year vs hiring someone in office. 

Getting the help your practice needs at a fraction of the cost sounds like a win-win! 

Compare the cost of in-house dental billing versus outsourcing in our Learning Center! 

We even would go as far to say that outsourcing your dental billing is an investment for your dental practice with a huge positive return. Outsourcing helps you make more money, while eliminating the stress of communicating with insurance companies. 

Outsourcing your billing is doing your dental administration team a huge favor

How can this be? A lot of dental teams initially see outsourcing as a backhanded way of saying “you’re not doing a good enough job at collecting money from insurance companies.”

Because we process hundreds of thousands of claims each year, we get it. Dealing with insurance companies and getting claims paid is a HUGE job. Many of our employees, and our owners, are former office managers or insurance coordinators from dental or medical offices. They know how hard it is to not only take care of everything in front of you at the office - patient calls, verifications, appointment scheduling, patient care, patient billing - but ALSO resolving insurance issues to get a claim paid. 

Outsourcing takes away that one, cumbersome task so that your administrative team can focus on everything else happening in the office. Getting claims paid by insurance is a huge part of a dental office’s revenue, so it’s important that it is done efficiently and effectively. This is hard to do when you have several other tasks you need to complete. 

We can’t really speak for other dental billing companies, but our billers are solely focused on getting your claims paid, with no other task in front of them. This makes it much easier for them to dial into making sure you are paid, while your team deals with running an office and focusing on patients. 

We understand you want to remain loyal to your dental team, especially if you have family members working at your practice, which is pretty common among dentists. If anything, we see outsourcing as making the lives of your employees easier and creating a less stressful environment for them. 

Let your dental office focus on creating an amazing experience for your patients

Insurance billing is one of the most important aspects of your dental practice. It’s what keeps you in business doing what you love, and keeps your employees paid. It’s crucial to regularly collect each claim FULLY from insurance, but it can get complicated if you aren’t able to put your entire focus into it. 

Running an office is no easy job, and doing this AND collecting money from insurance is just too much sometimes. Outsourcing is an effective alternative that can increase your collections and decrease your aging report while also easing the workload of your dental office employees.

Our goal, as an outsourced dental billing company, is to eliminate insurance strain and work WITH your dental practice to make everyone more successful. Read more about how outsourced dental billers will collaborate with your dental office in our Learning Center.

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