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Dental RCM services: 3 ways it will elevate the financial health of your dental business

May 26th, 2023 | 3 min. read

Dental RCM services: 3 ways it will elevate the financial health of your dental business Blog Feature

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Your dental practice or group’s financial health is like the heart health of a person. It’s vital to your survival. 

Dental RCM services enable dental businesses to improve their financial health, and empower them to thrive. 

DCS is a full-service revenue cycle management provider. Our RCM services provide you with worry-free revenue cycle management, while empowering you to put your patients first. 

When your dental business’ revenue is strong, your team is able to take steps to increase patient satisfaction. And with dental RCM services, you have the support to easily improve their experience and attract more patients. 

Here are 3 ways dental RCM services elevate the financial health of your dental practice or group. 

1. Faster payments from patients and insurance

Dental teams often miss out on revenue due to inaccurate or out-of-date patient data that is on an insurance claim form. Dental RCM services provide expertise to verify that your patient’s insurance data and claim forms are accurate. 

When claims are denied, and you have to begin the appeal process. This time and money costs your dental practice or group. When you face fewer insurance denials, your business is paid faster. 

Patient collections are another revenue stream that flows stronger and faster with dental RCM services. DCS, for example, offers automated patient billing services that speed up your patient payment process with AI-assisted technology. It makes the payment process easier for patients, too.

With a full-service RCM partner, like DCS, dental businesses receive revenue cycle management expertise for the following processes: 

  • Insurance verification: Clean patient data is like clean foods, supporting smooth cash flow and financial health.
  • Claims management (submission, appeals, aging reports): RCM experts supply the brainpower behind strong insurance revenue collection, and can access their teammates for even more brainpower to get your claims paid.
  • Patient billing: Extend the friendly hand of customer care through easy payment collection. Your revenue and your patients will both appreciate the simplicity and accuracy of an automated patient billing system.

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With RCM services reducing the time between your patient’s treatment and your business receiving payment—you’ll see an increase in revenue.

2. Enhanced operational efficiency

Your dental business’s operations are like your body’s immune system. When it's well-organized and cared for, your health is in good shape. But when factors disrupt your nervous system, you get sick. It works similarly at a dental office or group. Instead of the disruptive factors being germs or diseases, it’s lack of time, expertise, and smooth-running systems. 

Dental RCM services ensure that your revenue flows easily from production to posted payments, without the delays and disruptions that come with “germs.”

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When your revenue cycle is managed by experts, your processes are optimized and organized, without disruptions. There’s no confusion on who is responsible for what, or how to best manage insurance verification, insurance claims, or patient statements. It’s taken care of for you. 

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RCM expertise ensures your processes are working together because your experts implement the best practices to improve revenue, and deliver it faster.

Dental RCM services increases the return on your efforts, and saves valuable time and resources. Your in-house team then has the opportunity to improve productivity in other areas, such as scheduling, patient check-in and out, and treatment presentation.

3. Improve compliance by constantly adapting to regulatory changes

Dental RCM experts maintain current knowledge of ever-evolving dental billing regulations. They also share this internally, creating a unique network of knowledgeable agents to tackle each new wave of challenges.

At DCS, our RCM experts receive continuous training and education on dental insurance regulations changes, at a state and federal level. They’re also familiar with a wide range of  dental insurance providers, and payer-specific strategies for filing successful claims and appeals.

By tapping into the collective expertise, dental businesses take advantage of a greater wealth of  information than they could build and maintain on their own.

Will you transform your dental business’ financial health with dental RCM services?

In an increasingly competitive dental industry, the financial health of your practice makes all the difference in its long-term sustainability. 

Dental RCM services with DCS provide invaluable support in optimizing revenue generation, streamlining operations, and maintaining compliance.

DCS is an end-to-end revenue cycle management provider that supports you by ensuring cash flow you can count on. To learn more about the benefits of our dental RCM services for your business, schedule a call with us.

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