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4 ways RCM services optimize the roles and responsibilities of your dental team

June 27th, 2023 | 6 min. read

4 ways RCM services optimize the roles and responsibilities of your dental team Blog Feature

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Your dental office staff is the heart of your dental business. Their faces are the first your patients see when they walk through your doors, and likely the last faces they see as they leave. Your dental practice relies on your team for a smooth-running operation.

Whether you’ve decided to partner with revenue cycle management (RCM) services or are still doing your research, there’s likely some confusion on what your office staff’s role will be when RCM services are utilized. 

We’re here to tell you: Your office staff is irreplaceable. Even after you partner with an RCM vendor, they are still essential for your success. 

“When dental leaders concentrate on bringing others up and developing them along the journey, a synergy of trust is formed. This synergy transcends exceptional growth for the practice.” -Dentistry IQ 

As a full-service RCM provider ourselves, we at DCS love the front office staff. We even hire former office managers and insurance coordinators to work with us because their knowledge and experience are so valuable. 

This article highlights 4 ways RCM services transform the roles and responsibilities of your dental team:

  1. Your dental team will master the art of the treatment plan presentation
  2. Your dental team will be empowered to implement growth strategies
  3. Your dental team's work-life balance will be restored
  4. Beyond dentistry: Your team will cultivate exceptional patient satisfaction

Quick reminder: What exactly do RCM services do for your dental business?

Revenue cycle management services help dental practices and groups receive the most revenue quickly and with ease by reducing the time and effort between treatment and payment.  

These are 5 main goals of RCM services: 

  1. Boost efficiency and productivity across all operations
  2. Rapid reimbursement recovery from insurance claims
  3. Lasting and elevated patient satisfaction
  4. Fueled engine for business growth
  5. Accelerated revenue generation

RCM experts achieve these goals by implementing best practices to handle your insurance verification, patient billing, and claims management processes. You can dive deeper into RCM best practices by downloading our free Dental RCM Checklist.

Now, let’s paint a picture of what your team will hone in on while RCM experts manage your revenue processes…

1. Your dental team will master the art of the treatment plan presentation

The treatment plan presentation is your team’s opportunity to explain procedures, costs, and insurance coverage to patients. This is a crucial process because it is where you let patients know what they will be paying and what their insurance will cover. 

When you’re transparent and up front about costs, your patients will be able to make an informed decision about their treatment, prepare for the cost of the treatment, and be ready to pay when the time comes. 

This presentation needs to be personalized for each patient and not rushed. There should be time for patients to ask questions, and if needed, talk through payment options.

With RCM experts managing your revenue processes, your team will have time to dedicate attention to each patient’s presentation. 

2. Your dental team will be empowered to implement growth strategies

Growing your dental practice starts with optimizing your processes, but it also requires extra effort from your dental team. 

When your revenue processes are managed by experts, your team will pivot their talent to growing your dental practice.

Your team will grow your practice through: 

Your dental team connects with patients on a personal level. These relationships are an invaluable way to grow your practice, and your team will have time to develop those connections while RCM experts help with your cash flow.

Plus, more patients means more revenue—and more revenue means more opportunities for wage increases, bonuses, and resources for your team’s growth.


3. Your dental team's work-life balance will be restored

A happy dental office staff equals a happy life—for them and for you.

When a busy dental team is trying to juggle administrative and billing duties while also presenting treatment plans and tending to in-office patients, it’s easy for them to become overwhelmed and overworked.

When your dental team is constantly struggling to manage everything, stress and resentment begin to bloom. Those eventually turn into burnout, which increases your staff turnover rate. 

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When you partner with RCM experts, your team will no longer be overwhelmed. The expertise provided will create space and ease in your team’s workflow—while relieving you of lost sleep over unpaid claims.

Your team’s time is valuable and limited. It should be used to ensure patients are informed of their treatment and having a positive experience at your practice.

Plus, patients will notice when your dental team is rushed or stressed. Resentment of a job is more noticeable than you might think.

With RCM experts on your side, patients will see your team working efficiently without overwhelm or pressure.

4. Beyond dentistry: Your team will cultivate exceptional patient satisfaction

As we mentioned, patients equal revenue. Creating an exceptional patient experience is a top priority for your team.

With RCM experts handling insurance verification, claims management, and patient billing, there is an increased focus on patient care, in and out of your office. Patient experiences will be positive from the moment they enter the dental office until they pay and check out.

Going to the dentist isn’t always a pleasant experience, especially if the patient is undergoing a more extensive treatment. That’s why it’s more important than ever for your team to have opportunities to make every patient’s dental experience an excellent one. 

When a patient leaves your office feeling well cared for, they will tell their friends and family about it. Positive word of mouth about your business goes a long way toward expanding your patient base and increasing revenue.

Engaging with patients is a more fulfilling use of your team’s time than battling insurance companies. With RCM experts taking on their billing processes, your team can direct their time and energy where it best serves your dental business.

Your dental team’s time is valuable—RCM gives them opportunities to use it to support patients and profit

To recap, while RCM experts handle your insurance verification, claims management, and patient billing processes, your dental team will: 

  1. Master the art of the treatment plan presentation
  2. Be empowered to implement growth strategies
  3. Take advantage of their restored work-life balance
  4. Cultivate exceptional patient satisfaction

These roles and responsibilities are crucial to the success of your dental business. With RCM services ensuring your revenue processes work for you, your team will switch their focus to responsibilities that support your patients and increase profits.

DCS provides end-to-end revenue cycle management services that empower teams to ramp up production with confidence while still putting patients first.

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