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Welcome to DCS dental patient scheduling! 3 things you need to know

April 2nd, 2024 | 6 min. read

Welcome to DCS dental patient scheduling! 3 things you need to know Blog Feature

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As a dental practice owner, you want a full schedule every day your office is open, because staying busy keeps your production numbers steady and your revenue high. 

But keeping a schedule full is easier said than done when you have an older scheduling system.

It can be frustrating — especially for your administrative team — to organize appointments that ensure patient wait times are short. It can also be frustrating to confirm with patients days, weeks, or months in advance in a desperate effort to prevent costly cancellations. 

We’ve seen our customers struggle with this, and several of them asked us if we offered patient scheduling as a service among our other revenue cycle management (RCM) offerings. So, we listened and filled that need.

Introducing our new DCS Patient Scheduling: The ultimate self-booking calendar that delivers full schedules with zero hassle.

We’re answering 3 of your burning questions about making appointment scheduling easy for patients, liberating for your team, and profit-focused for you — it’s a win-win-win.

1. What is DCS Patient Scheduling?

At DCS, our primary goal is to increase your revenue, and part of achieving that goal is streamlining your processes. This is why we have added patient scheduling to our suite of services to support the first step of the revenue cycle. The more efficient that process is, the more streamlined the rest of your revenue cycle will be.  

DCS Patient Scheduling will simplify your appointment workflow while empowering your team to increase production and improve the patient experience. Our system includes: 

  • Real-time availability: Direct integration with your office's patient management system (PMS), so it displays up-to-the-minute appointment slot availability
  • Customized branding: A fully customizable scheduling link that mirrors your office's branding to ensure a friendly, consistent look and feel for your patients
  • Automatically charge for no-shows: Card-on-file option for charging cancellation fees, which promotes a near 100% show-up rate
  • Complex schedule handling: Sophisticated management of block scheduling, calendar block outs, and other complex scheduling needs 

Now that you have a better picture of what our patient scheduling services entail, let’s talk about why these services will be a boon for your dental business. 

2. Why do I need DCS Patient Scheduling services?

There are several benefits your dental business will see when you use DCS Patient Scheduling:

  • A fuller schedule: Our system makes it easy to fill your schedule and keep it full, therefore increasing production and revenue. 
  • A streamlined patient experience: Wait times will decrease due to your advanced scheduling system, enhancing your patients’ overall experience at your office. 
  • Your office will become more modern in its tech use: DCS Patient Scheduling is completely online and convenient for both your patients and your team — no more paper calendars and/or keeping track of phone calls. 
  • A stress-free administrative team. Scheduling can get complex pretty easily, especially when there are no-shows, cancellations, or if one of your dentists is out of office. Our patient scheduling service accommodates these complications by steering around anomalies and discouraging missed appointments, and it’s all hands-free! The result is a more relaxed, productive, and patient-focused team.

Overall, patient scheduling services will streamline the workflows inside and outside your dental office, reducing administrative headaches and giving your patients an easy way to make an appointment at any time without directly involving your staff. 

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3. How does DCS Patient Scheduling work?

Let’s get into how DCS Patient Scheduling services will work for you. 

Our scheduling system will integrate with major practice management software, including: 

  • OpenDental (OpenDental Cloud)
  • Eaglesoft
  • Dolphin
  • Curve
  • Dentrix (Dentrix Cloud)
  • Cloud9 / Denticon
  • Carestream (WinOMS / Sensi / SoftDent / WinCloud)

Our scheduling system’s advanced scheduling technology is designed to accommodate complex schedules, block outs, and specific timing requirements without overbooking. It also includes a sophisticated integration that allows insurance information to be collected to expedite the insurance verification process — especially when paired with the DCS Insurance Verification service. 

And to reduce your no-shows, we offer a card-on-file setup that expedites payments when your patients come to their appointment, and even when they don’t 

When a patient arrives, their stored card information streamlines check-in and payment. But if they miss their appointment, their card will automatically be charged a cancellation fee — and you get to choose how much the amount of that fee.

All of these features and benefits are included in your Patient Scheduling services for a flat fee of $199 per month for unlimited providers and appointment types.

Let’s talk more about DCS Patient Scheduling, and see if it’s right for you

In this article, we’ve talked about:

  1. What DCS Patient Scheduling entails
  2. Multiple ways your patients, your team, and your business will benefit from DCS Patient Scheduling
  3. How DCS Patient Scheduling works and how little it costs

Scheduling is the first step in your revenue cycle, and how efficiently that flows impacts the rest of the booking-to-billing process. And scheduling affects everyone: Your team, your patients, and every provider in your business. 

It’s crucial that your scheduling process runs smoothly, operating 24/7 without hurdles or hiccups.

DCS Patient Scheduling is an easy-to-use system with technology that reduces your cancellations, increases production, and offers a hassle-free, modern method for your patients to make their appointments.

Patients will love the convenience, your administrative team will love how easy it is to handle the calendar using the dashboard. And as the business owner, you’ll love your full calendar, the reduction in patient wait times, and being compensated for no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

We launched DCS Patient Scheduling because our customers asked for it, and we sought out the dental industry’s best modern approach to filling the dental chair. 

Reduce scheduling headaches by bringing tech-assisted scheduling to your dental business: Book a free 30-minute call with DCS today.

See your dental business thrive with cash flow you can count on

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