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Dental Billing | outsourced dental billing | dental billing service | dental billing company

By: Sarah Traeger
June 10th, 2021

Outsourcing a service of any kind can feel like a huge decision. We know outsourcing your dental billing, specifically, is no exception. When your dental practice needs to add support from a third party, you need a group of people you can trust since they’re literally going to be getting your business paid. 

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dental billing service | dental billing company

By: Josh Smith
June 8th, 2021

It’s a fact, insurance companies work to deny procedures and release the lowest amount of reimbursement possible, period. It’s the sole reason your dental team even has to appeal claims. Is it annoying and time consuming? Yes. Is it difficult? It can be. But is it necessary? Absolutely.

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Dental Billing | dentist | dental billing contract | dental billing service | dental billing company

By: Josh Smith
February 1st, 2021

You are one of the thousands of dentists that have made the decision to utilize an outsourced dental billing company. This could be the perfect decision for your office, but what made you decide to engage in outsourced dental billing in the first place? Maybe you have your key insurance billing employee leaving for any number of reasons. Or you may be looking for quick fixes to internal insurance claim collection issues. Maybe your dental office is increasing your patient base and you simply need the additional help but don’t have time to train.  Whatever the reason, you have decided to take the outsourced dental billing leap. Any change in your office personnel or teaming up with an outsourced dental billing company will come with some sort of onboarding. So depending on your own needs, how long does it take to get rockin’ and rollin’ with a dental billing company?