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What is the DCS Expansion Pack? 3 key questions for 3 key RCM services

June 4th, 2024 | 10 min. read

What is the DCS Expansion Pack? 3 key questions for 3 key RCM services Blog Feature

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By bundling automated DCS Credentialing, Patient Billing, and Patient Scheduling, dental professionals see more efficient processes, handle more patients, and manage financial operations more efficiently — all while maintaining a lean staff.

Dental Claim Support (DCS) is a full-service revenue cycle management provider for dental businesses of all types and sizes. We use our expertise and technology to streamline your billing processes while also collecting maximum revenue for you from both insurance companies and patients. 

Our goal is always to provide cost-effective solutions, which is why we have created the DCS Expansion Pack: A comprehensive suite of tools designed to transform your dental practice by 1) automating the time-consuming and repetitive processes of credentialing, patient billing, and patient scheduling, and 2) integrating those automations with your current system. Key takeaways about the DCS Expansion Pack:

  • Automated services allow your team to have more meaningful connections with patients
  • 3 essential dental business functions are automated: credentialing, patient scheduling, and patient billing
  • Costs are cut in half when you pay for the bundle annually

This article answers 3 common questions about the DCS Expansion Pack, including its cost, the benefits of each feature, and how automating these functions will improve your dental business. 

Let’s dive into 3 key questions about the DCS Expansion Pack…. 

1. How much does the DCS Expansion Pack cost?

DCS Expansion Pack pricing starts with the level of credentialing services you need, based on how many insurance payers you wish to be in network with:

Pay Monthly Pay Annually
Save when you add DCS Patient Scheduling + Patient Billing and pay monthly Save 54% on DCS Patient Scheduling + Patient Billing when you pay annually
Regular price $899/month
Regular price $10,788/year

Once your credentialing needs are determined, DCS will include Patient Billing and Patient Scheduling services for a reduced bundle price. You’ll have the option to pay monthly, or get an even greater discount when you pay annually: 

Bronze Plan Silver Plan Gold Plan
Get started Popular Our best deal
$349 up to 10
$429 up to 25
$479 up to 100
That's just $34.99 per provider, per payer, per month with 10 payers That's just $17.16 per provider, per payer, per month with 25 payers That's just $4.79 per provider, per payer, per month with 100 payers

As you can see, the regular price for these 3 automated services adds up to $10,788 when you pay annually. By bundling, you’ll pay only $6,904. This is close to $4,000 in savings every year — a discount of 54%. 

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The savings are impressive. But when you get the DCS Expansion Pack, you’ll see more than just financial benefits…

2. What features are included in the DCS Expansion Pack?

Cost is top of everyone’s mind, but let’s talk about all that is actually included with each service in the DCS Expansion Pack. 

DCS Credentialing:

Credentialing delays are costly — your ability to bill insurance companies is on hold until final approval comes through. Our automated credentialing service minimizes paperwork and follow up. This frees your staff to focus on patient care and enhances overall efficiency, eliminating the administrative headache of credentialing providers manually.

DCS Automated Credentialing includes: 

  • Provider and facility group commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid enrollment for both dental and medical plans. 
  • Initial credentialing and recredentialing for plans of the practice. New practice setup and roster management services (establishing TIN, NPI, and State License), and CAQH setup and maintenance.  
  • Provider enrollment maintenance including audit of providers with current plans of the practice, tracking provider documents and expirables, monthly provider sanction monitoring, completion of payer required attestation, and deletion of providers who left the network or practice.
  • Facility maintenance including change in ownership, adding a new practice location under the credentialing contract with the payer, or removing a practice location.
  • Get an up-to-the-moment view of your credentialing status on a clean, easy-to-use dashboard that’s available to review any time you'd like so see an update.
  • Technology-based dental credentialing services performed by a certified Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) that ensures the highest degree of NCQA standards.

DCS Patient Scheduling

As a dental practice owner, you want a full schedule every day your office is open because staying busy keeps your production numbers steady and your revenue high. DCS Patient Scheduling simplifies your appointment workflow for both your patients and your staff, while empowering your team to increase production and improve the patient experience.

DCS Patient Scheduling includes: 

  • Accommodates complex schedules, blockouts, and specific timing requirements without overbooking.
  • A card-on-file system to potentially charge cancelation fees, which streamlines check-in and payment while minimizing no-shows 
  • A brandable interface allows you to add provider photos, and schedule by provider and appointment type. 
  • Allows for insurance information collection at the time of scheduling to expedite the insurance verification process.
  • Patients can book from anywhere they have internet (mobile, desktop, tablet). 
  • DCS Patient Scheduling works with major dental practice management software (PMS), including Open Dental and Dentrix. 

DCS Patient Billing

Patient collections are another ongoing challenge because of how much administrative work is involved — especially if your team is still mailing paper statements to patients, making follow-up contact by phone, receiving checks by mail, and making bank deposits.

DCS Patient Billing will: 

  • Issue payment links via email or text as soon as the balance is known (no manual processing)
  • Follow up automatically with regular friendly reminders by email or text
  • Patients can view account credits and insurance payments, and pay balances online
  • Accept payment from all major credit cards and wallet apps, whether using mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Minimize the time and cost of issuing paper statements
  • Monitor direct deposits and outstanding balances instantly

When you put them all together…

All 3 of the Expansion Pack services are automated and convenient. These hands-free systems optimize both your workflows and your cash flow. Utilizing these advanced technologies takes administrative burdens off your plate and saves your front desk team from time-consuming, tedious manual tasks.Your team can focus on in-office patients and other tasks that help grow the practice.

Let’s view the bigger picture to spot all the other ways your dental business will benefit…

3. Why should I get the DCS Expansion Pack for my dental business?

The DCS Expansion Pack is for any dental business owner looking to streamline their processes using automated technology that will 1) drive more revenue and 2) deliver the modern digital convenience that today’s patients expect. Whether you have a private practice, group practice, or DSO — the DCS Expansion Pack is for you. DSC06719

When you automate your credentialing, patient scheduling, and patient billing, you’ll see the following benefits at your dental business: 

    • Quicker, easier, and more accurate processes. Automation removes unnecessary steps to your processes and eliminates manual tasks.
    • Fewer errors. When your team is stretched thin, it’s easier to make small mistakes that have costly consequences.
    • Unstoppable workflows through friendly technology. Hands-free automations complete tasks quicker and more consistently — and they never get sick or go on vacation. 
    • A more productive in-house team. Your team will spend their time growing your practice and creating patient relationships — not managing endless paperwork.
    • Increased patient satisfaction. When your team is no longer bogged down with administrative headaches, they will give your patients the attention they deserve.
    • More revenue, more quickly, more often. This is the big one! When your processes are streamlined with greater accuracy, and continue without pause, you’ll have faster, steadier cash flow. 

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Automation in your dental office will transform your team’s everyday tasks — alleviating painful piles of paperwork, repeated follow-up calls and letters for outstanding patient bills, incessant calls to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments, and inevitable scheduling mishaps.

Among other things, your team will be able to concentrate on presenting treatment to your patients and delivering a top-notch patient experience, which will increase production and word-of-mouth marketing — and ease claim submissions and patient collections, too. 

Don’t choose between operational efficiency and patient engagement: Embrace both with automation

To recap, we answered these 3 questions about the DCS Expansion Pack: 

  1. How much does the DCS Expansion Pack cost? 
  2. What features are included in the DCS Expansion Pack? 
  3. Why should I get the DCS Expansion Pack for my dental business? You’ll alleviate administrative burdens and grow your revenue without having to expand your team. Plus, you’ll enjoy a significant discount!

The automated solutions included in the DCS Expansion Pack relieve the burden of routine tasks, enabling you and your team to return to what you do best: caring for patients.

Embracing automation doesn’t mean letting technology take over your job or theirs — it means creating space for quality patient interaction by streamlining processes that bog down your dental business.

Let’s talk about how DCS will utilize technology to best serve you, your team, and your patients with our end-to-end revenue cycle management services: Book a free 30-minute consultation today.

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