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Dental Claims 101

Build each part of a proven process for fast, accurate claims collection. Anyone in billing, administration or office management should know these workflows.

Coordination of Benefits

Creating Accurate Claims

Dental Anatomy & Terminology

Dental Insurance Aging Reports

How to Read Dental X-rays

Insurance Verification

Posting Payments

Coding and Compliance

Protect the good legal standing of your practice. Quickly learn how to find and follow regulations that impact you, including PPO agreements. Understand how to code and document your team’s clinical work so you collect payments quickly, properly, and in full.

CDT and CDT 2022 Changes

CDT 2022

CDT 2021

Common Coding Errors

Coding for Diagnostic Imaging

ICD-10-CM Codes

Implant Services & Coding

Medical Claims for Oral Sleep Appliances

Orthodontic Billing Made Simple

Pitfalls in Documentation

SRP Scaling, Root Planing, Soft Tissue Management

Practice Management

Know how to track the performance of your billing systems and where to look for areas to improve.  Anyone who manages, leads or owns a dental practice should know the information covered in this training.

Dental credentialing, PPOs, and fee schedules

Discounts and co-pay forgiveness

PPO claims administration

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CDT and CDT 2022 Changes

Understand the code for dental procedures and nomenclature CDT, the 2022 CDT changes, code ranges, and insurance billing strategies for common CDT ...



Posting Payments

Learn how to post correctly to ensure clean ledgers and accurate accounting. You’ll know the various types of payments, and create a process for ...



Dental ClaimSupport has published a book on Medicare billing for dentists

Dental ClaimSupport has just launched a guide helping dentists make essential Medicare decisions more easily - “Essential Guide to Medicare for ...



Creating Accurate Claims

Dental Insurance - Back to the Basics Even the most seasoned dental team member should go back to the basics on occasion. This course will be ...



CDT 2022 Coding Update

CDT 2022 Updates for Your Dental Team to Know Prepare your practice for CDT changes, effective January 1 of 2022. CDT 2022 includes 16 new codes, 14 ...



CDT 2021 Coding Update

CDT 2021 Coding Update CDT procedure codes are reviewed and updated on an annual basis. CDT 2021 is effective for all dates of service beginning ...


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